A Long Forgotten Return

Day One - Interrogation
And a whole lot of questions
Eclav Comica, Toro, and Morthos Glory have stumbled upon each other through various circumstances and found themselves grow somewhat fond of each other during their small time travelling together. They stopped in the local bar of a very small town named Zarakzar and chatted up the bartender there. He offered them no help as he realized Morthos was a Disciple of Asmodeus, contrary to the good god that the small village worshipped. They listened to a half-elf man rave on and on about the return of a destructive force for the first time in 2,000 years, hailed by a massive comet passing over the material plane. To confirm what they heard, the adventurers inquired a small dwarven woman at the bar, Hildav Amaldrdotr as to whether the man spoke true. She took Morthos outside to talk to him (while Eclav followed unnoticed in case of anything going wrong) and proceeded to attempt to stab him while telling him that there were cultists there years ago that murdered her family while raving about whatever this comet might be. Eclav knocked her out with the pommel of his dagger and the party brought her to an isolated place for interrogation. They learned that the cultists have been killing seemingly randomly over the last few years, all throughout the area, and that Hilda was looking for revenge and thought that Morthos was one of them. She revealed that their last whereabouts were a group of cultists in the nearby wood, from where the adventurers had just come. The party traveled into the woods and killed a few giant centipedes that they turned into filling, albeit disgusting meals. As they pressed on they found a young woman in a dark hooded robe lying against a tree. At first they thought she was trying to trick them into helping her because she was a cultist, but as they read a note that she slipped onto the ground they realized that it was an ambush, and she was actually civilian bait. One cultist got away with barely any health left and the adventurers have yet to find out exactly what the comet is, what it means, why those cultists are killing, and who exactly this young woman is.
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